Matt Morrow’s take on the Starboard All Star SUP Suit straight from (yikes!) 39 F degree water.

What I Liked: Prior to trying the All Star SUP Suit, I never paddled in the winter. The reason? I don’t enjoy paddling in a thick wetsuit. The All Star SUP Suit is a drysuit, and a different animal. It was extremely easy to get into — 30 seconds tops and no changing needed. I could wear whatever clothes I wanted underneath, and tailor what I wore (from a T-shirt and board shorts to fleece undergarments) to the day’s temps and how hard I planned to paddle. On the water the Clima-Core material felt stretchy. The panel layout felt dialed for paddling. I didn’t get tired nearly as quickly as when paddling in a wetsuit.

What I Didn’t Like: The suit is designed to be form fitting for aerodynamics. I found the Large suit, which is my normal size (I’m 5’10”, 185 lbs.), to be a little too form fitting for my liking. The XL felt more comfortable. Also, the soft neoprene neck seal, specially designed for paddling comfort, isn’t 100% water tight. While it was comfortable and easy to get on and off, I did worry that if I took a head first dive in the water a trickle of water might enter through the neck.

The All Star SUP Suit is Perfect For anyone who has shied away from winter paddling for fear of being uncomfortable. It’s also ideal for paddlers looking for the ultimate in mobility and performance. No changing in and out of clothes, no climbing in and out of of a thick wetsuit, no dealing with a wet wetsuit — with the All Star Suit, SUPing is on, no matter the season!

Matt Morrow is a true waterman, and a worldly one. He as lived, surfed, windsurfed, kite surfed and paddled in Australia, Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, Mexico, the DR and exotic Ontario.

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