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Ion Waist Arc Wing Harness

The Arc is a soft and low-profile wing waist harness. Developed for those who only want to feel their harness

ProLimit Drift Wing Waist Harness (OSFM) 2024

Pre-curved and 3D shaped Compact shape, maximum freedom of movement Neoprene softedges Camlock closure Thermofoam Molded outside construction Neoprene comfort

Dakine Adjustable Wing Harness Line 2023

The wing harness line features a streamlined design, allowing for easy entry. The simple yet effective design makes it easy to hook in and unhook, while the adjustable straps ensure you’re the correct length for your arms.

Dakine Solo Wing Harness 2023

The Solo Harness is the ultimate stealth wing harness. It is minimal and will extend your sessions and help you

Dakine Hanger Wing Hook w/ Pad 2023

The new Hanger Hook was designed for winging. It was developed to easily hook in without taking a hand off the wing and

Ion Wing Harness Line Vario

Adjustable in length, and it fits any wing handle or boom. Big Winds tested and approved!

Dakine Fly Wing Harness Line

The Dakine Wing Harness Line allows for easy hooking in and unhooking your wing. Its TPU line cover offers rigidity