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Fanatic Downwinder Foil Board 2023

Our Downwinder was developed for one purpose only: To paddle on the foil as easy as possible and to surf

Freedom Foil Boards Dagger

Freedom Foil boards has announced their first downwind SUP board…the Dagger!  As the name suggests, the Dagger slices through the water with a long and narrow profile, enabling an effortless paddle up onto foil.

SIC Bullet Air-Glide Paddle Board FST 2022

Ideal for Paddlers who are looking to travel with a paddleboard Paddlers looking for a lightweight board option Paddlers with

SIC Bullet Dragon-Fly Paddle Board 2022

Our most celebrated SUP board here in the Gorge. A downwind, touring and fitness favorite. One of our easiest board lines to recommend.