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Quickblade Stingray 72 Paddle 2023

Blade length 10″ (25cm) Blade width 11.5″ (29cm) Blade angle 12 degree Blade size area 72 sq/in (465 sq/cm) Overall

Cloud IX FS (Forward Swept) 1780 Front Wing

The Cloud IX Forward Swept 1780 wing is so new we don't have a product photo for it just yet. But it's the one TJ is raving about for its low-speed rising, and impressive maneuverability. For real world riders, and conditions, it's a game changer for downwind SUP foiling.

Quickblade Ono Ava Downwind SUP Foil Carbon Paddle

Ideal for “pop-ups”, if you need more power to get up and flying, this paddle is for you! The Ono