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Appletree Skipper Downwind SUP-Foil Board 2023

Introducing the Apple Skipper Down Wind foil board – the ultimate choice for experienced riders looking for a high-performance board in the exciting new sport of foiling! Carefully crafted with soft edges and a teardrop shape, the Skipper DW offers excellent efficiency and speed through the water. Making it remarkably efficient and easy to get onto foil lift speed.

Kalama Barracuda Downwind SUP Foil Board 2023

T.J.’s take: The Kalama Barracuda started it all…it’s the shape created by master waterman Dave Kalama from Maui HI, with

KT Ginxu Dragonfly SUP Foil Board 2023

This is the new KT Ginxu Dragonfly and it’s on its way! The new KT dedicated board for Downwind SUP foil. The Dragonfly is built in full carbon and is equipped with an adaptation of the patented Ginxu Step bottom concept for extra performance for Downwind SUP foiling.

Fanatic Downwinder Foil Board 2023

The Fanatic Downwinder Foil Board was developed for one purpose only: To paddle on the foil as easy as possible and to surf any kind of swell as long as possible.

Freedom Foil Boards Dagger

Freedom Foil boards has announced their first downwind SUP board…the Dagger!  As the name suggests, the Dagger slices through the water with a long and narrow profile, enabling an effortless paddle up onto foil.