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Demo Slingwing V3 Wings

These demo Slingwing V3 wings are in "A+" like new condition, but at affordable pricing. Limited quantities. Free shipping.

Vayu Aura 5.0

Demo wing in A+ condition.

Demo Takuma RS Wing

Demo wings in A+ condition

Kalama E2 5’1 x 29″ 104L Blue Carbon A+

Used Kalama E2 Wing/SUP board selling on consignment.  5’1 x 29″ at 104 ltr w/ foot straps, A+ condition!

Demo Starboard Nitro Freewing

New Condition  5m and 6m available

C S25 Naish 1150 USED Windsurf Foil w/ NoLimitz Carbon 83 Mast

"B" condition. This used Naish 1150 windsurf foil package includes a major upgrade. Specifically, a Nolimitz 85 cm carbon foil mast. The mast alone retails for $1,200. The package also includes all hardware, a Naish Torx tool, and Naish carrying sleeve — everything to hit the water, lower your wind minimums and fly high. Ships by quote.