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CWS Countersunk Wingscrew Sets 2023

Eliminate the need for extra tools and wrenches and tighten your foil by hand!

Armstrong Performance Mast M7 Titanium screws with Titanium T-Nuts

Armstrong M7 T Nut Foil Track Hardware Set – (Dome Head Screws) Proprietary titanium M7 mast top hardware follows suit

Armstrong M7 Titanium Screw Hardware (X4)

From Armstrong Armstrong A+ Performance Mast replacement M7 screw set. Package Includes Four M7 screws in 316L Stainless or Titanium

Slingshot Phantasm Aluminum Mast to Fuse Hardware

3pk. of Stainless M6x25mm T30 Torx Head screws to fix Aluminum Phantasm mast to fuse.

Starboard Carbon Foil Bolt Set

Complete bolt set for Starboard carbon foils. 

RSPro Clear SUP Rail Saver

Protect your board rails, and just forget about hitting them with your paddle. Just enjoy! Keep your board new and

Slingshot Vent Screw Stainless

Made to fit most Cobra-made windsurf, SUP and wing boards. 3/8" - 16 screw with o-ring 

Sun Cure Polyester Ding-All Repair Kit

Board repair kit, cures in minutes when exposed to the sun. Includes applicators, fiberglass cloth, 2 oz. Sun Cure Polyester