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2022 Fanatic Grip 86 USED Windsurfing Board

"B+" condition. A few scratches here and there, but no dings and ready to ride. A favorite for swell slashing and jumping. Great for waves and bump and jump conditions. Ships for $150 to major mainland U.S. airport.

Severne Predator 110 USED 2023 Windsurfing Foil Board W/Bag

"A-" condition. A few cosmetic paint chips along the tail, but otherwise in great shape. A great compact shape for windsurf foiling fun. Includes foot straps, nose pad, and MFC board bag. Ships for $150 to nearby major U.S. airport.

Fanatic Freewave TE 115 USED Windsurfing Board

"A" condition. Not to be mistaken with "A-". We're not entirely sure this board was used. It was returned to us with the stock thruster fins in their original paper wrapping. Ships by quote. 

Goya Custom Quad 68 Liter USED 2016 Windsurfing Board

"B" condition. This Custom Quad 68 shows a few cosmetic scratches and paint chips. Beyond that, it's ready to ride, and an awesome high-wind shape our Big Winds team still loves dearly. Ships by quote.

C Starboard A.I.R Wave 79 Used Windsurfing Board 2019

"B" condition. This freewave board has some cosmetic paint chips, but no patched dings. It comes with foot straps, stock thruster fin set, and is ready to ride. Ships by quote. 

C Fanatic Stubby 82 Used Windsurfing Board

"B+" condition. Not much evidence of use. A few cosmetic scuffs on the nose, but that's it. Ships by quote.