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C Slingshot Phantasm PTM 926 Used Front Foil Wing w/ Sleeve

"B-" condition. There's no denying this foil shows use, but to the touch, the leading and trailing edges, as well top and bottom surfaces, are smooth. The high aspect PTM 926 (1263 cm2) wing is an efficient pumping machine with incredible glide that drops wind minimums. Ships by quote.

Slingshot Hover Glide Fwind V3 USED Foil Package

"B" condition. This complete FWind V3 foil package is a proven performer for windsurfers and wingers alike, and includes a standout travel case, wing covers, bolts and tools. It's ready to play. Signs of use are largely confined to the underside of the front wing, which reveals a few cosmetic scratches. Ships by quote.

C Quatro Super Mini Thruster 78 USED 2018 Windsurfing Board

"B+" condition. A few cosmetic scuffs and scratches, but overall solid with no dings whatsoever. At 15 pounds with straps and fins, it's as light as the day it was born. Ships by quote!

Fanatic Skate 100 Liter USED 2017 Freestyle Board

"B" condition. This board has a few patched dings, but is as lightweight as the day it was born. An awesome planing machine for freestylers, or any rider looking to ride a smaller sail in light winds. Ships by quote.

C Starboard A.I.R Wave 79 Used Windsurfing Board 2019

"B" condition. This freewave board has some cosmetic paint chips, but no patched dings. It comes with foot straps, stock thruster fin set, and is ready to ride. Ships by quote. 

Fanatic Stubby 76 USED 2019 Windsurfing Board w/ Bag

"B+" condition. One minor patched ding, a few paint chips, but otherwise in great shape. An outstanding board to plane early, often, glide through holes and jump to the moon. Price: $800 with board bag. Ships by quote.

C Fanatic Stubby 82 Used Windsurfing Board

"B+" condition. Not much evidence of use. A few cosmetic scuffs on the nose, but that's it. Ships by quote. 

Fanatic Blast 117 LTD USED 2022 Windsurfing Board w/ 2 Fins

"B+" condition. This Blast 117 LTD is lightweight, and works great with a fin or foil. It has a few cosmetic scuffs along the rails, but no dings. It includes a Fanatic 38 cm Tuttle Box free-ride fin, and a MFC Liquid Pro 34 cm G10 Tuttle Box fin. Ships by quote. 

Quatro Cube 75 USED 2021 Windsurfing Board

"A-" condition. Cherry condition quad fin slashing machine! A great high-wind option here in the Gorge, and far beyond. Yellow color turns heads. Ships by quote.