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Lift Foils M2 Series Masts

M2 Mast Series The M2 Series masts feature the stiffest high-modulus carbon fiber we can get our hands on, with

Nolimitz Carbon Foil Masts V2 2023


These hand made foil masts are made to order.

Estimated delivery times are four to six weeks depending on the fittings in play.

To get a delivery ETA, text us, email us, or call 541 386 6086.

We typically stock NoLimitz foil masts with Lift, Unifoil and Takuma 3-bolt fittings. Foil attachment hardware not included. M6 and M8 compatible.

Armstrong Performance Mast 2023

The Performance Mast range is a clean-sheet design that takes the Armstrong feeling riders know and love to new heights.

Slingshot Phantasm Aluminium Mast V1 2022

The Phantasm aluminum mast is made from light and strong 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. Package Includes: Aluminum mast, Pedestal, Phantasm fuse

Slingshot Phantasm Carbon Wide Mast V2 2022

The Phantasm wide-body masts are the stiffest carbon mast on the market delivering the most predictable ride. These masts are