What Ships Free?

  • Orders of $100 or more 
  • New sails up to 6.5 meters
  • New booms up 150 cm
  • New masts up to 430 cm    
  • New accessories, including harnesses and full wetsuits 
  • New twintip kiteboards
  • New kites and control bars
  • New inflatable SUPs and WindSUPs
  • New complete foils, foil wings, masts and fuselages
  • New handheld inflatable wings 

What Ships For a Fixed Fee?

  • Orders less than $100 —> $15 
  • Windsurf and hardshell SUP boards —>
    • $150 to nearby freight facility
    • $200 to a business address
    • $250 to a residence
  • Directional kite & kite foil boards —> $50 
  • Board bags: windsurf, kite, and SUP —> $35-$65 
  • SUP paddles —> $35 

What Ships by Quote?

  • Orders to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, USVI, Guam, American Samoa
  • Used gear (U.S. orders only)
  • Sails larger than 6.5 meters
  • Masts 460 cm and longer
  • Booms larger than 150 cm

Need a Shipping Quote?

Contact us! We’ll use our thirty years of shipping experience to secure the lowest quote possible for insured deliveries. To receive a quote, tell us what you are ordering and provide a complete address. For international orders you are responsible for import duties and taxes.


When do you sign for a board shipment?

When do you refuse it?

And how can you protect yourself?

Get answers to common shipping questions.

More tips below!

Why is there no tracking info for my order on the shipper’s web page? (0:25 in video)

It can take up to 48 hours for tracking info to display from when you receive our shipping confirmation email. Rest assured, your package is en route. Also, be sure to enter the BOL # (Bill of Lading) with no spaces in the tracking field. 

How will I know which freight facility my board is being delivered to? (1:05 in video)

Your shipping confirmation email will include the freight facility’s contact info. If we are unable to find a freight facility within a 30-minute drive from you, we will reach out with other shipping options. 

How will I know when my board is ready for pickup at a freight facility? (1:55)

The freight facility will contact you when your board is ready for pickup. Be sure to bring a photo ID, and be sure to check the facility’s pickup hours. 

An employee at the freight facility is demanding I sign for my board shipment prior to me seeing it. What do I do? (2:30)

Sign your name followed by “on further inspection.” Signing in this manner offers protection. It gives us a 48 hour window for damage claims to be made with freight providers. 

My board is being delivered to my house. Its tracking info says it reached its destination, but I don’t have my board. What gives? (3:05)

You will receive a call to schedule delivery soon. The call occurs shortly after your board reaches the freight company’s destination hub. Note that board deliveries require a signature, which demand a drop off appointment. If the shipping company hasn’t called to schedule a delivery time, there’s no need to put your life on hold by waiting at home.  

How can I protect myself (and my board) from freight damage? (3:50)

Inspect the box. Look for signs of trauma like tire tread, severe creasing, or puncture holes. If these are present, and reveal fatal damage to your board, do not sign. Refuse the shipment. Call us at 541 386 6086, and we will get a replacement board headed your way. 

What if the box shows some wear, but it’s tough to tell if the board is damaged? (4:40)

Sign your name followed by “on further inspection.” Signing in this manner offers protection. It gives us a 48 hour window for damage claims to be made with freight providers. 

And if I do find damage to my board, what then? (5:20)

Send us photos. Closeups of the damaged area, and photos that show the interior and exterior box damage go far. Also, keep the packing materials. We’ll work with our shipping partners to get you either a damage credit or a replacement board. 

I received my board, but no fins, foot straps, or vent plug … (6:14)

Fins, foot straps and hardware are typically hidden in protective cardboard sleeves. Closely examine your packing materials. Each board shipment entails a thorough checklist. Everything is in there!