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Armstrong Rear Stabilizers 2023

SURF 205 Fast and responsive to unleash your inner shredder. The Surf 205 is a highly maneuvrable stabiliser that enables

Armstrong High Aspect Front Wings

WHEN SERIOUS CONDITIONS COME CALLING, THERE’S ONLY THE HA525.The 525 redefines speed and flow within the High Aspect range. It’s

Cloud IX/Takuma Adapter

Stringy Adapter for Cloud IX to a Takuma Nolimitz fitting.

Takuma Fuselage 65cm STD

This is the updated 2023 Takuma Fuselage, 65cm STD w/ 3 holes (M6) and updated mast pocket, w/ heli coils

Armstrong Performance Mast 2023

The Performance Mast range is a clean-sheet design that takes the Armstrong feeling riders know and love to new heights.

Unifoil Ratchet Tool Torx 30/40

Our best selling foil tool of the summer. There's the ratchet, which works flawlessly. Then there's the two Torx sizings (30/40), cleverly offered from one stem. Ideal for most foil systems that utilize Torx bolts. A great gift!