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2022 GoFoil GT Front Wings

GoFoil GT2200 Front Wing The “GT” stands for “Go To.” The GoFoil GT Series is a dramatically responsive, controlled and

Armstrong HS1850 Front Wing

Our new A+System is taking strength and durability into the future! See this link for full details. THE SUPER SLEEK

Nolimitz Carbon Foil Mast

The carbon foil mast upgrade you've been waiting for is here! Fits Slingshot Hover, Takuma alloy, and Naish foils!

2022 GoFoil EZ Front Foil Wings

EZ Series As the name implies, this line is easy to ride, making this foil ideal for quickly improving your skill

Naish S26 Aluminum Foil Mast

Naish aluminum masts have been redesigned entirely for S25, achieving weight savings of 25%, increased stiffness in both bending and