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Naish S26 Kite Foil Front Wing

KITE 650 The Kite 650 Front Wing has a gradual smooth take-off and a wide speed range. Stable and comfortable,

Naish S26 Kite Foil Stabilizer

KITE 210 The 210 stabilizer offers great straight-line speed and wide arching turns. KITE 270 Paired with the 960 wing,

Naish S26 Aluminum Foil Mast

Naish aluminum masts have been redesigned entirely for S25, achieving weight savings of 25%, increased stiffness in both bending and

Go Foil 29.5 Inch Carbon Mast

DETAILS Mast Thickness: 14 mm Chord Length: 137 mm This is a thicker, stiffer and stronger mast designed for advanced

Lift Foils Classic Foil Wings

DESCRIPTION Lift offers optimal carbon fiber wing designs with superior strength and performance in a variety of sizes. We’ve tested