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Freewing Air Team Foil Wing 2024

The Freewing AIR Team features new, innovative materials infused with cutting-edge designs to offer wingfoilers and wingsurfers a no-compromise, high-performance wing.

Naish ADX NVision Foil Wing 2024

Introducing the premium version of the ADX, the Naish ADX Nvision Wing-Surfer , it is significantly lighter and dramatically more rigid, resulting in a more direct feel and higher pump efficiency.

Duotone Slick Foil Wing 2024

The Slick is our latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing featuring the Mini Boom - designed to enhance your flying experience with increased lift, power, and hang time

Cabrinha Mantis Foil Wing 2024

The gold standard in winging is back with its 4th generation design - The Cabrinha Mantis. Crafted for those who demand the best, the Cabrinha Mantis V4 is the pinnacle of stability, power and feel.

Duotone Unit Foil Wing 2024

The 2024 Duotone Unit is yet taken another step ahead of the pack and is spiced with a new level of riding comfort, improved drift stability and features you simply don’t want to miss.

Duotone Unit D/Lab Foil Wing 2024

The revolutionary Duotone Unit D/LAB wing is the pinnacle of performance wing design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Unit D/LAB combines advanced design with cutting-edge materials to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

Starboard Freewing Air V3 Foil Wing 2023

25% OFF WITH FREE SHIPPING! Lightweight, exceptional wind range, and a short wingspan that accommodates all levels. Every size is in stock. So are carbon add-on handles. 

Duotone Ventis D/LAB Foil Wing 2024

Introducing the latest innovation in light wind Wing Foiling - the Ventis D/LAB ensures you are first out on the water. This new 3 strut design provides the ultimate in lift and power in light wind conditions.