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Airtime STICKIES Mini Repair Kit

A super small compact kit everyone should have in their kite bag or glove box.   Kite includes:10 white ‘peel

Session Saver Sail Repair Tape

Don’t let a torn sail panel end your session! Session Saver Tape is a clear, high tack polyurethane tape with

Airtime Nylon Repair Tape 2″ x 25′

Nylon repair tape is most often used when you need to repair large tears in the canopy. The tape is

Airtime DIY Kite Repair Kit

This kite repair kit can’t duplicate the results of a professional sewn repair but is a good option for those

Epoxy Ding Stick

The Epoxy Stick is a hand-kneadable epoxy putty that mixes in a minute for making temporary or permanent repairs to any board, dry or wet. It contains a fading blue dye that becomes fiberglass white after mixing. Works in fresh and salt water, and will bond to fiberglass, epoxy, wood, glass and metal. Doesn't yellow when exposed to sunlight. Cures in thirty minutes!

Airtime Dacron Repair Tape – White

60″ of 2″ wide kite repair tape Dacron fabric with a pressure sensitive adhesive meant for marine application. Taping minor

O’Neill Wetsuit Cement

O’Neill Wetsuit Cement comes in a four ounce can, with a brush in the cap. This is the real thing,

Airtime Valve Trap

Airtime developed the Valve Trap because people have asked for years why they couldn’t re-use their perfectly good valves when