Marginal winds. Small swell. TJ takes Armstrong’s newest, and smallest All Pump Foil to a relatively flat river to see just how efficiently this wing gets flying.


It’s official: Summer is here and this is the first Saturday of the summer. We’ve got light-wind downwinding conditions, and I’ve got a new front wing to test here.

This is Armstrong’s new APF [Armstrong Pump Foil]. It’s the smallest in their lineup. It’s the 1350 and this thing’s got loads of lift and low end power. It’s got the same wingspan as the bigger APF 1675, but should project forward a little bit better.

I’ve also got this foil on my tried and true long and skinny KT Crossing foil board and then check this thing out – this is a new paddle foil specific paddle coming our way this summer from Black Project. This is a prototype. We’re looking at what’s going to be the medium size foil specific blade coming in at 90 square inches.

Let’s see how this combination works. It’s a beautiful day here in the Gorge. Happy summer everybody!