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KT Ginxu Super K Carbon Mid-Length Foil Boards 2024

The ultimate high performance freeride, surf and race wing foil board.

KT Drifter 4 Carbon Wing Foil Boards 2024

Effortless and intuitive foiling, adapted for even more glide and stability.

Lift Surf Series 70L Wing Foil Board 2024

The Lift Surf Series 5’4 70L is the ultimate wingboard daily driver. Sure, you can get away with lower volume wingboards in perfect conditions, but this board will work in any and all conditions.

KT Ginxu Dragonfly Surf Carbon Downwind SUP-Foil Boards 2024

The Ginxu Dragonfly is the go-to Downwind Glider of choice for any open water foiler. Prone or Sup downwind on rolling swells, lightwind wing or paddle in small waves, or even flat water pop-up. From 6’6” to 8’4” there are options for all sizes and skill levels to get into this amazing new foiling experience.