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Kalama E3 Foil Downwind Board

These long and narrow downwind SUP/Prone shapes have been working great for us here in the Gorge, getting up to

Kalama E3 Foil Wing/SUP Board

Ships within 24-48 hours to your nearest major airport at a subsidized rate of $150.

Go Foil Ride Wing Foil Board

Ride 4’6″ Features: EPS core with full sandwich construction, built for strength. Innegra wraps the deck for added protection against

Armstrong FG SUP Foil Board

From our new and innovative “Forward Geometry” Wing Surf and Wing Sup board designs, highlight the drive and passion we

SIC Marlin Convertible Foil 7’8″ x 29.5″

The Marlin is our most versatile foil board offering you performance in SUP surf, windsurf foil, wing foil, or downwind foil.

DEMO JP Australia Freefoil LXT 105 Liter Windsurfing Board 2021


Ideal windsurf and wing foiling. Whether cruising, riding strapless, riding with foot straps, wave foiling, wing surfing, teaching people how to foil behind a boat, or even freestyle! Retail price: $2,399. "A-" condition. Ships by quote.