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Goya Airbolt Carbon Wind/Wing Foilboard 2022

New for 2022! Large deck pad, and long foil mount tracks make this Airbolt fully wing-able, and great for windsurf foiling too!

Takuma CK Carbon Wing Board

TAKUMA CK CARBON FOIL BOARD The CK Carbon foil board range delivers an astonishing balance of stability, maneuverability, and speed.

Fanatic Sky Wing Team Edition Wing Foil Board 2022

The lightweight "pro" version of Fanatic's best selling Sky Wing board. Carbon Pre-preg construction throughout.

Lift Foil Wing Board

4'4" x 44L - Pairs well with 32” mast / 120 HA / 32 Glide. Only board included in this product, wing, mast and back sold separately. 4'8" x 55L Pairs well with 32” mast / 200 High Aspect / 32 Glide.  Only board included in this product, wing, mast and back sold separately. 5'2" x 95L - Pairs well with – 28” Mast / 250 Surf V2 / 48 Surf V2. Only board included in this product, wing, mast and back sold separately.

Takuma BK EBS Wing Board

OVERVIEW These boards have been built for accessible performance and are designed for riders who want to excel in wing

S26 Naish Hover Wing Foil Inflatable Board

Stiff, hardshell board performance in an inflatable. Unique high-pressure build enables a rigid, 21 PSI inflation. A stable shape, and a great value!

Cabrinha Macro Wing Foiling Board

Big on the water. Small in the air. The Macro delivers float and stability for takeoff, and a small board feel once riding high.

Slingshot Shred Sled V1 5’9″ SUP/Wind/Wing Foil Board

A do-it-all foil board you aren't likely to outgrow. Compact and nimble, yet stable too!

Slingshot Tracker 7′ Airtech W/ Sup Winder V1

New for 2022! Compact, stable and versatile. Go winging, windsurfing, and paddling! Great for families, lake houses, and portable too!

2022 Starboard Take Off Foil Board

The Take Off is the Foiler’s board of choice for anything wing, foil surf, foil downwind and more.

2022 Cabrinha Code Wing Foil Board

Lightweight and bomber, with a long runway for progression. The Code blends friendly riding for Day 1, with limitless room to grow.

Fanatic Sky Wing Soft Top 6’3″ 2022 Wing Board

Soft-top durability in a high-performance shape. Fanatic's easiest entry to winging. Perfect for first timers, rough shorelines, and schools.

Fanatic Stingray LTD Windsurf / Wing Foil Board 2021

Our best one board solution for aspiring windsurf and wing foilers. The Stingray LTD simplifies foil quivers. One board to rule them all!

Kalama E3 Foil Wing/SUP Board

Ships for $150 straight to your door.

Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board 2022

A Big Wind's favorite. Stability meets agility. Compact shape that delivers balance on the water, and superb maneuverability above it!

Go Foil Ride Wing Foil Board

Ride 4’6″ Features: EPS core with full sandwich construction, built for strength. Innegra wraps the deck for added protection against