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NAISH S25 Gecko Carbon Kiteboard

The Gecko is a brand new shape that is totally dedicated to strapless only riding. When designing the Gecko, we

Duotone Wam SLS Kite Surfboard 2021

ALL-ROUNDER, SMALL TO MEDIUM WAVES The last word in performance, the Wam SLS is designed to excel in every wave

Duotone Whip SLS Kite Surfboard 2021

SMALL TO MEDIUM WAVES/STRAPLESS FREESTYLE Incredible performance packed into a small shape with our premium SLS construction that is perfect

2020 Duotone PRO WHIP Strapless Kite Surfboard

DESCRIPTION SMALL TO MEDIUM WAVES / STRAPLESS FREESTYLE SIZES – 4’11”, 5’1″, 5’3″, 5’5″ Modern high-performance compact shape, aimed at performing in small to