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Team Naish Force IV 4.5 2021 Windsurfing Sail

"A-" condition. This lightweight, incredibly balanced, used Naish 4.5 Force IV 4.5 windsurfing sail is in great condition. Ships by quote.

USED Naish Force IV 3.7 2022 Windsurfing Sail

"A+" condition. If this 4-batten sail has been used, it sure is tough to tell. This is Naish's latest, S26 (Season 26) Force IV 2022 model, designed with help from PWA super star Ricardo Campello. Ships by quote.

C Naish Force V 5.7 2018 Windsurfing Sail

"A-" condition. There are still new-sail shimmers to this used Force V 5.7 model. Ships by quote.

Team Naish 90% Carbon Windsurfing Masts 2021

"A" condition. These two 90% carbon RDM skinny masts (370 cm & 400 cm) show very few signs of use. They are lightweight, and built with constant curve bend characteristics that fit many sail brands, including Naish and Duotone. These masts ship by quote.

Team Duotone Super Hero 4.2 USED 2022 Windsurfing Sail

"A+" condition. An injury didn't offer Eddy many sessions on the water this summer, and this sail is made better for it. Great condition! Ships by quote.

C Goya Guru 2.7 Used 2021 Windsurfing Sail

"A+" condition. If it was used, it was used gently. Ships by quote. 

C Goya Fringe 3.7 Used 2019 Windsurfing Sail #2

"A+" Condition. This sail looks new. Ships by quote. 

C Goya Fringe 3.0 Used 2019 Windsurfing Sail

"A+" condition. This sail could be mistaken for new. Ships by quote. 

C Goya Fringe 2.8 Used 2021 Windsurfing Sail

"A-" condition. A few signs of use here and there, but not many. Ships by quote.