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Used Goya Guru 4.0 2021

"A" condition. Used a handful of times by Big Winds' staffers. Ships by quote. 

C Goya Fringe X 4.2 2021 Windsurfing Sail

"A-" condition. The Fringe X is favorite for foiling, but built bomber for traditional windsurfing too. Easy sail to recommend.

Used Duotone Super Hero 4.2 (blue) 2021 Windsurf Sail

“A-” condition. The Super Hero is a Big Winds’ favorite for its astounding wind range, lightweight handling, and quick rigging that

Used Duotone Super Hero 3.4 (turquoise) 2020 Windsurf Sail

“A-” condition. Other than bits of sand from Doug’s Beach, there aren’t many signs of this sail having been used. Ships