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Demo 2021 Goya Custom Quad 79 “A” Condition

$2,099.00 $1,699.00
DESCRIPTION Hard to tell this board was ever ridden. Like new shine and as lightweight as the day it was

Used 2017 Goya Bolt 95 Consignment Windsurfing Board

$1,995.00 $1,149.00
NEW! Board was purchased, set aside, and the owner recently has started wing boarding. The Bolt is a staff favorite.

Used 2015 Starboard Futura 97 Carbon Windsurf Board

$2,195.00 $895.00
"A" condition. It takes perseverance to find any signs of use on this fast, friendly Futura 97. A Starboard classic with a cult following, the Futura is  known for its blend of ballistic speed and smooth riding.

Used 2021 Goya Guru X 2.7

$687.00 $550.00
"A" condition. We're not convinced this sail was ever used. Everything about it screams new sail, but for the Slingshot decals.

Team 2020 Duotone Super Hero 4.7 “B+” Condition Windsurfing Sail

$779.00 $545.00
Fantastic sail. Fantastic condition. A few minor scuffs here in there, but it takes effort to see ’em. Ships by

Used 2013 Naish Wave Classic 75 Windsurf Board with Bag

$1,795.00 $500.00
"B+" condition. This Naish Classic 75 sparks lots of nostalgia among the Big Winds team. Classic shape, timeless graphics, and board bag to boot!

2011 JP Funster 160 USED Windsurfing Board

$1,495.00 $500.00
"B" condition. Some cosmetic scuffs to the EVA full-length deck pad, but no dings. A perfect transition board. Stable for athletic newcomers, but hardly a barge.
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Used 2018 Slingshot Dialer 130 Windsurf Foil Board with Bag

$1,795.00 $400.00
"B" condition. Hard to imagine a more perfect first foil board. Price includes nose pad, foot straps and board bag!
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Used 2006 JP Freestyle Wave 84 FWS Windsurf Board with Bag

$1,695.00 $350.00
"B" condition. A board people know and love. Price includes two fins, and a board bag.