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Fanatic Blast 117 HRS USED 2023 Windsurfing Board

"A" condition. This is another board we're squinting to find any signs of use. Proven shape for early planing, blasting through lulls, and all sorts of forgiving free-ride fun. Ships by quote.

Fanatic Freewave TE 115 USED Windsurfing Board

"A" condition. Not to be mistaken with "A-". We're not entirely sure this board was used. It was returned to us with the stock thruster fins in their original paper wrapping. Ships by quote. 

USED Goya Air Pro 2023/ 99 Liter

The thick square tail design is the turbo. It gives you more grip and confidence to enter into your moves faster, its release and pop send you flying higher and it provides maximum forgiveness in sliding manoeuvres. A+ Condition, straps and fin never been used! SHIPS BY QUOTE!

Goya Custom Quad 68 Liter USED 2016 Windsurfing Board

"B" condition. This Custom Quad 68 shows a few cosmetic scratches and paint chips. Beyond that, it's ready to ride, and an awesome high-wind shape our Big Winds team still loves dearly. Ships by quote.

Duotone Super Hero 4.7 USED 2022 Windsurfing Sail

"B" condition. This sail reveals some wear, but not much. Ships by quote.

Duotone Super Star SLS 4.5 Team 2023 Sail – Eddy

"A" condition. This "Stronger, Lighter, Superior" Super Star SLS sail was used a handful of times. It's unbelievably lightweight, and offers incredible planing power that doesn't compromise handling. Eddy didn't want to part with this sail. It ships by quote.

Quatro Glide Max 10’2″ Carbon Demo Board

"A" condition. This 10'2" x 33", 220-liter board resonates as new with no signs of use. Lightweight double sandwich construction, and exceptional stability for cruising and catching waves. It also can be windsurfed! This 10'2" model is a great size for all-round family use on flat water. But make no mistake, it's a wave catching machine. Includes MFC thruster fin set. Ships by quote.