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Lift “Big Blue” 5’9″ USED E-Foil Package

Our easiest, most family friendly e-foil to get riders of all ages, abilities and sizes flying. Used in our lesson program, and recently revamped. The battery has just 22 cycles (350 cycles is typical lifespan). The carbon wing set included is brand new. Stop crossing your fingers for wind. Hop on and go! Ships by quote. Scroll down for more details. 

Fanatic Blast 117 LTD USED 2022 Windsurfing Board w/ 2 Fins

"B+" condition. This Blast 117 LTD is lightweight, and works great with a fin or foil. It has a few cosmetic scuffs along the rails, but no dings. It includes a Fanatic 38 cm Tuttle Box free-ride fin, and a MFC Liquid Pro 34 cm G10 Tuttle Box fin. Ships by quote. 

Duotone Super Hero 4.7 USED 2022 Windsurfing Sail

"B" condition. This sail reveals some wear, but not much. Ships by quote.

Duotone Super Hero 4.2 USED 2022 Windsurfing Sail

"B" condition. The Super Hero is a staff favorite for its wind range, quick rigging, and always balanced pulling sensation that stays between your hands no matter the gust. Ships by quote.

Duotone Super Hero 3.7 USED 2022 Windsurfing Sail #B

"B" Condition. This Super Hero 3.7 reveals some wear here and there, but no patches or repairs, and a plenty of gas left in the tank. Ships by quote.

C Slingshot Phantasm PTM 926 Used Front Foil Wing w/ Sleeve

"B-" condition. There's no denying this foil shows use, but to the touch, the leading and trailing edges, as well top and bottom surfaces, are smooth. The high aspect PTM 926 (1263 cm2) wing is an efficient pumping machine with incredible glide that drops wind minimums. Ships by quote.

Duotone Super Star SLS 4.5 Team 2023 Sail – Eddy

"A" condition. This "Stronger, Lighter, Superior" Super Star SLS sail was used a handful of times. It's unbelievably lightweight, and offers incredible planing power that doesn't compromise handling. Eddy didn't want to part with this sail. It ships by quote.

Duotone Super Star SLS 4.2 Team 2023 Sail – Eddy

"A" condition. This sail was used twice, and it's tough to see proof of it. "SLS" stands for Stronger, Lighter, Superior. The sail delivers on all fronts. Fantastic range and handling - especially in regards to planing power in an unbelievably lightweight build. Ships by quote.

Duotone Super Hero 3.4 USED 2022 Windsurfing Sails

"A-" condition. Another well maintained sail that shows very little wear. Ships by quote.