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Foilite Titanium Track Nuts (Sold Individually)

These are Replacement Titanium Track Nuts for use on any hydrofoil that uses the M8 or M6 mounting hardware like Slingshot, Lift, and others.

Foilite Titanium Locking Universal M6/M8 Track Nut (Set of 4)

Foilite - Titanium Hydrofoil Track Lock Universal Track Nut - Set of 4 The Only Titanium Universal Track Nut! These track nuts lock into position with a set screw, setting them apart from other track nuts on the market.

Foilite Titanium Hardware Sets 2024

These are Replacement M8 & M6 Titanium Track Nuts and M8mm/M6mm Mounting Screws for use on any hydrofoil that uses the M8 or M6 T-nut including Lift, Duotone, Takuma and others.

Foilite Titanium Torx Wing Multitool (T30/40)

Foilite Torx Wing Multi Tool – T30/T40 The first multi-tool conceived and designed to be caried with you in the

Armstrong Base Plate Shim with Hardware

This shim offers 1 degree of lift to tune your Armstrong mast for more front or back foot pressure. Includes (2x) 30mm M7 Armstrong mounting bolts required for mounting at the thick end of the shim.

Armstrong Performance Mast Top M7-25mm Stainless screws with Titanium T-Nut

Set of 4 Titanium T Nuts with Torx head stainless steel 316L screws, available with dome or countersunk screws. Attention

Park Tool Torx Head Sliding T-Handle Tool

The Park Tool THT-40 is a professional-quality T40 Torx®-compatible wrench made for efficiency, durability and a precise fit. Constructed from

CWS Countersunk Wingscrew Sets 2023

Eliminate the need for extra tools and wrenches and tighten your foil by hand!