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Slingshot Dwarfcraft V2 2023

DWARF CRAFT V2 NIMBLE / COMPACT / CONTROL The Dwarf Crafts have set the standard for foil boards. Their compact,

Lift Kite Foil Board 2023

4’0 X 26L KITE FOIL BOARD The 4’0 Kite is based on our tried and true 4’0 Surf/Tow/Wake shape with

2023 Duotone Pace Kite Foil Board

The Duotone Pace Kite Foil Board is a comfortable nearly unbreakable freeride foil board which can handle speed!

KT 2021 Drifter F Kite Foil Board

Full Foil This is that high volume compact shape. With a fuller outline for ease of paddling and stability when

KT 2022 Drifter K Kite Foil Board

Kite Foil board  The Drifter K is a dedicated kite foil board. Short length and little volume, meant for putting