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Duotone Silver Series Boom 2022

The lightest and most advanced boom in its class

Duotone Platinum Series AERO 3.0 Boom

Admit it – you know you want it. PLATINUM AERO 3.0 is the lightest boom in the world (140-180: 1.65 kg | 190-250: 2.85 kg) and the ultimate choice in terms of technology, weight and quality manufacturing.

Duotone Platinum Series SLS Boom 2022

The most used boom among PWA competitors

MFC Uphaul

This MFC uphaul rests snug against your mast sleeve when not in use, and extends to allow proper uphauling posture when called upon.

Duotone Platinum 100% Carbon Windsurfing Boom 2021

DETAILS The super-lightweight carbon PLATINUM in AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY is designed for experienced and performance-oriented riders with its ultra-stiff monocoque

Goya 60% Pro Carbon Reduced Diameter Windsurfing Boom

Carbon stiffness. Carbon weight savings. But without all the carbon sticker shock.

Duotone Silver Aluminum Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS   HIGH TECH ALU The most high-tech aluminum boom to date featuring 7075 high-tech aluminum. OVAL TAIL SECTION Increases

Duotone Windsurfing Boom EPX. Carbon

DETAILS   Who says carbon booms aren’t affordable? With the EPX.CARBON we make exclusivity affordable for everyone because it is

Duotone Platinum Aero 2.0 Series Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS You know you want it. The Duotone Platinum Aero 2.0 is the lightest boom in the world and the