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2018 Naish Board Mount Screw Set

DESCRIPTION  Compatible for all Naish foil mounts and foil boards. Use these screws to attach your Standard foil mounts to

Chinook Deviator

DESCRIPTION The Deviator mounts under your mast base, and prevents your mast from slamming into the nose of your board.

Chinook Standard Windsurfing Uphaul

DESCRIPTION The Chinook Sailing Standard UpHaul Iine is lightweight and strong utilizing a combination of webbing and bungees.  Lightweight and strong

Dakine Power Uphaul

DESCRIPTION Internal bungy system holds tight to the mast Oversized EVA grips for maximum uphauling power Oversized grips for maximum

Dakine Standard Uphaul

DESCRIPTION Whether you are new to the sport, sailing light wind or wind foiling, the Dakine uphaul gives you the

Foilboard Track Hardware

DESCRIPTION Set of 4 M8 Brass T nuts w/ M8 x 25mm Stainless Steel Tapered Phillips head screws. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Naish Torx T30 Screw Driver

$21.00 $8.00
DESCRIPTION  Essential for your 2020 Naish foil setup.