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Ion Hat Water Cap Beach Hat

There's more to this hat than just shade and a wind-sport ready chin strap. The neck flap can be rolled up, and tucked into an interior pocket.

Ride Engine Venture Round Rack Pad 20” 2023

Creases and pressure dents in your board ain’t sweet. The Venture Round Roof Rack Pad provides ample protection for any

Ride Engine Peak AERO Rack Pad 2023

From the Autobahn to the PCH, the Peak Aero Roof Rack Pad is designed to fit on your car’s aerodynamic

Slingshot Kim K Pump Hose with Attachments

Replacement hose for Slingshot Kim K Pump. Includes attachments. Compatible with all slingshot kites.

Ion Surf Sock Stubby 5’3″ Board Sock 2023

Ideal for day trips or a little extra protection when traveling with a board bag. Comes with reinforcements on the

Ion Surf Core Kite Board Bag 2023

Want to travel light? 5mm foam padding, white PE on the bottom outside and strong webbing around the edges make

O’Neill Slasher Comp Vest 2023

**Size up! These O'Neill Slasher vests run small. The Big Winds team advises you to opt for one size larger than normal.**  The O'Neill Competition Vest lineup defies convention and sets a new industry standard for performance driven technology. The lightest vests in the water just got lighter, stronger and dry faster than ever.

Airtime STICKIES Mini Repair Kit

A super small compact kit everyone should have in their kite bag or glove box.   Kite includes:10 white ‘peel