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USED Quatro Mono Windsurfing Board

"B" condition board. A few minor scuffs. Ships by quote

USED 2006 JP Young Gun 70 Windsurfing Board

"A" condition. No dings, only minor signs of wear. A great board for little rippers and lightweights. Ships by quote.  

USED 2012 JP Freestyle Wave 92 Windsurfing Board

"B" Condition. A few scuffs and scratches. No dings. Awesome board. Awesome deal. Ships by quote.

USED 2005 JP-Australia Freestyle Wave 84 Windsurf Board

"B" condition. Professional nose repair. Otherwise in great shape at a great price. Ships by quote.

USED North Volt HD 5.6 Windsurfing Sail 2017

"B+" condition. This sail is a few years old on paper, but far younger in terms of water time. Ships by quote. 

USED Duotone Super Hero 4.5 Windsurfing Sail 2021

"A" condition. This sail could be mistaken for new. A great deal!

Used Goya Fringe 4.2 Windsurfing Sail 2021

Our best selling Goya model, in excellent condition, ready for you!

USED 2020 Fanatic Grip 86 TE

A staffer's "light wind" Gorge board. Incredibly agile underfoot, and approachable. A perfect board for the coast, or any rider who just can't resist the urge to throw spray. Ships by quote.

Demo Goya Custom Quad 79 2021 Windsurfing Board

“A” condition. One of our favorite boards, and this one shows virtually no evidence of use. Ships by quote. U.S. orders