Kalama E3 Board Review: Wing/SUP and Downwind Boards

The wait is over! TJ shares why these lightweight, bomber E3 shapes from Dave Kalama are so beloved by pros and progressing riders, and key differences in their Wing/SUP and Downwind board lines. Find them at the links below.



Video Transcript

TJ – Welcome to Big Winds and I’ve got exciting news: The new Kalama E3 Performance Boards are here.

We’ve been waiting for these things all summer. We’ve got a full stock of them now. The sizes range from short and stout for the wing/SUP boards, and long and narrow for the new downwind/prone SUP foil boards.

So what makes these shapes so unique is that it can be used for SUP foiling in the waves, and wing foiling. They now come with three foot straps that can be set up in two different configurations up front. Either two straps, or a single, or one in the back.

Kalama is now offering a handle on the bottom of the boards. Same ventral fin spot for these SUP/Wing foil boards, and no Tuttle box to keep things light.

This all carbon board is pretty lightweight with a carbon top, and rails – reducing the weight significantly. But the cool thing is Dave Kalama has wrapped the whole boards in a PVC bombproof shell. So these things are ultra durable for 2022.

What’s also unique is there aren’t many boards that are this short with that much volume. So if you’re a big guy looking to reduce swing weight, you’re going to find that a 5′ wing board is actually 92 liters of volume.

Going up to the 5’4″ at 114 liters, and the 5’6″ at 112 liters. These boards are great for dual application. You can paddle into breaking waves, Or you can wing into waves. So it’s a 2-n-1 board.

Now let’s talk about a board I’m most excited to talk about. That’s the downwind board I’ve been using for the last year and a half.

What makes these boards super unique is they’re long and narrow. This is our best selling size, the 6’1″ x 23″. It’s got 105+ liters in it. But at 6’1″, it gets you up to speed to get on foil quicker in wind driven swell or ground swell. So these are downwind boards, designed to be either used by stand up paddle board, or prone paddle power (usually with hand paddles).

Same features on the bottom. No Tuttle, just tracks, handle – but no ventral fin spot. These downwind E3 boards are super popular for us here in the Gorge and, yes, you can still wing these. Super fun. I call it a 3-n-1 board: downwind, prone and wing.

All carbon construction coming in at under $2,000. We’re excited to finally showcase this entire line of Kalama boards here at Big Winds.

Give us a call if you’re interested. We’ll subsidize the shipping for you and get one coming your way. 541 386 6086