Staffer Eddy Patricelli spent 11 days in Mexico riding the Sunova Speed 8’5″. He didn’t plan on doing so. Here’s how it surprised him.


Sunova Speeed 8’5″

Size: 8’5″ x 27.75”
Volume: 112 Liters
Weight: 7.6 kg, 17.5 lbs
Retail Price:
Other Models Available:
8’10”, 130 Liters


Eddy Patricelli, 180 lbs, Advanced

Bottom Line: Impressive mix of stability, glide and maneuverability. The Speeed rides big when needed (read: paddling out and onto waves), yet its size disappeared once on a wave. Very maneuverable and – as its name boasts – adept at keeping speed in less than perfect waves.

What I Liked: Surprises. I brought the Speeed to Trocones, Mexico for my wife. I ended up riding it for 11 days straight. It just made life too easy. Stable for 112 liters, and its long, rather parallel outline offered surprising tracking and gliding, which forced adjustments. As in, I had to recalibrate my eyes to catchable waves. An approaching set 100 yards over from me — go get it! A wave that breaks, and all but apologizes for doing so – ride it! The lesser the conditions, the more the Speeed rose to the challenge. And how it did so was what surprised me most. The Speeed initially struck me as a friendly longboard-ish wave SUP ideal for my wife. I wasn’t wrong, but by week’s end roundhouse cutbacks and top-to-bottom riding in the pocket was what I loved the Speeed most for. Its drawn tail allows unbelievably snappy turns.

What I Didn’t Like: Sharing the Speeed with my wife … Also, the pop-up handle is easy to use, solid, and well-placed. My minor quip is that when not in use, the handle sits flush with the deck. This is great at creating a hole-less standing area, but when I was down in the water, facing incoming whitewater, I missed having an inset handle in the deck, ready to grab without delay.

Best Suits: Progressing paddlers in real-world waves looking to step up and onto a shape they won’t soon outgrow.

Eddy Patricelli has been wave SUPing for five years, trading time between Florida, Costa Rica, Barbados, Mexico and the Oregon Coast. He also loves to windsurf, which by the way, is possible on Sunova Speeed models. See his best video tip for getting your kid hooked on windsurfing here, and find videos, and more on the Speeed at Sunova’s product page.

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