Review: 2022 Starboard All Star Carbon

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Video Transcript

TJ – Alright, we’re getting a first ride on the 2022 Starboard All Star, one of our shop favorites. It’s also a Gorge favorite for an all round board for days when its glassy like this, and for bumpy water and downwinding.

You can see that the nose is a little more pointed out this year. It should rip on the upwind. And just cut right through the chop and swell.

Plenty of volume in the nose too. So if it does pearl on the downwind it will resurface quickly.

A nice little self-regulating valve addition here. This is the Gore-Tex valve versus the standard Cobra stainless steel valves. You don’t have to worry about your board blowing up in the heat.

Starboard continued forward with the deep dish dugout, with the scupper covers pre-installed, which was an additional purchase back in 2021. Comes with the board this year.

The bottom shaping of the board is pretty simple: fairly flat with a little bit of vee concave.

Out the tail, I’ve got my trusty Black Project fin [sold separately]. Let’s take one close look at the tail of this board. It’s pretty blocky. You can see that’s going to really help get a little bit of push or nudge from the swell to push you into the next bump for downwinding.

This is the 2022 Starboard All Star 14′ x 26″ in the carbon sandwich construction.

Give us a call! We’ll subsidize the shipping for you and get one coming your way. 541 386 6086