The Goya 2017 Custom Quads all but beg for test sessions. So we quickly hopped aboard. Big Winds staffer Jonathan Erbele shares where the 74-liter model shines, falls short, and who this board targets.

Scorecard: Planing 7, Speed 9, Comfort 8, Maneuverability 10, Overall Impression 10

What I Liked: The lively ride. The shape offers surprising speed on beam and broad reaches.The straps are set pretty far back on the tail and contribute to the board’s electric ride by allowing a small wetted planing area. But the Custom Quad’s best feature is no surprise: It jibes and carves up swells like nothing I’ve ever ridden.


What I Didn’t Like: It took an assertive mind to get used to the board’s lively pace. It’s a wave board, but a surprisingly fast one. It challenged me to dial in at first.


Goya Custom Quad 74: 220 cm long, 54.2 cm wide, Carbon construction 3.2 – 5.0 sails


I Would Own this Gear Because it’s an incredible high-wind board. It works great here in the Gorge, and would seem even better suited for the waves. Also, it challenged me to become a better sailor, and I like that.


The Goya Custom Quad Best Suits: Aggressive intermediate to expert riders, and ambitious riders with an open mind. The board will shows riders the way of the force. Experts will love it for it’s all-water appeal.


Demo the Goya Custom Quad line from May through October at the Big Winds Demo Center, located in the Columbia River Gorge. The center is home to the nation’s largest and latest fleet of JP, Goya, Naish, Quatro, and Starboard boards. Up to $100 in demo fees go toward the purchase of a new board.

Jonathan Erbele is a veteran windsurf instructor who hails from Florida. When he isn’t dreaming about Star Wars, you’ll find him on the water, and more often, getting kids on the water.

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