Test Review: 2020 Fanatic Freewave 75 Team Edition

2020 Fanatic Freewave 75 Team Edition

Length: 228 cm Width: 56 cm

Volume: 75 L MFG Listed Weight: 13.2 lbs. 

Fin(s): MFC TF 18 cm power box center fin; TF 12 cm slot box fins

Sail Range: Up to 5.8 Retail Price: $2,399

What’s new for 2020 Fanatic Freewaves?

  • Added 75-liter model in Team Edition and BXF constructions.
  • Bye bye square nose and tail; rounded nose and pulled in tail for 2020
  • Revised rocker line promotes early planing and maneuverability

What I Liked: Love at first run. No hiccups. When I pushed – slashing, jumping – the Freewave 75 was right with me, spry and ready straight off the beach. If I settled into the harness, drag racing a friend, hunkering down in a gust, the board was behaved, smooth, and confidence-inspiring. The Fanatic Freewave 75 planed early and planed easily. Its parallel rails released up to speed with minimal rider input, and minimal forearm load. And unlike last year’s Freewave models, the impressive planing performance didn’t require carving adjustments in the jibes or on a swell. The Freewave 75 felt responsive on edge underfoot without any snags. Also impressive, the 75’s stability while schlogging. It’s a friendly shape on or off a plane.  

What I Didn’t Like: Last year’s Fanatic Freewave boards were untouchable in upwind performance. The Freewave 75 felt more mortal upwind. Still good, but not as dominating. Separately, I’m not convinced the 75-liter Fanatic Freewave could handle a 5.8 sail as claimed by Fanatic without demanding a bigger center fin than provided.

Board Best Suits: Me. I’d own it (and recommend it) in a heartbeat for 3.0 – 5.2 Gorge sailing. But I’d also put my intermediate/advanced wife on it and in no way risk marital bliss. The board best suits anyone looking for a fun, easy-to-dial-in board that carries no risk of outgrowing. It’s silky planing performance makes it especially well-suited for mature sailors and real-world wave locations.

Availability: A limited stock of 2020 Fanatic Freewave Team Edition models are available now.


  • Three constructions exist for Fanatic Freewave models: Team Edition, TXTR and BXF.
  • Freewave Team Edition models available in 75, 85, 95, 105 & 115 sizes ($2,399).
  • Freewave TXTR models available in 85, 95, 105, and 115 models ($2,899).
  • Team Edition and TXTR Freewave models include thruster fin set.
  • Freewave BXF Freewave 75, 85, 95 and 105 models ($2,049) include a single fin.

Eddy Patricelli is a co-owner of Big Winds. From 2001-2007 he was the editor of WindSurfing magazine. He has been windsurfing (and teaching windsurfing) for decades. See his best video tip for getting your kids onboard here.

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