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Lift Foils Hand Controller 2023

DETAILS: Our updated hand controller features ruggedized sealing and battery contacts, an upgraded trigger and spring assembly, and new data

Lift Foils Efoil Battery 2023

EFOIL BATTERY – LIGHT BATTERY $2,495.00 DETAILS: The Lift Light Range Battery Gen4 is a custom lithium-ion battery built for rugged marine environments.

Lift Foils Efoil Data Cable 2023

DETAILS: Data cable that connects the eBox to the battery. This cable is specifically used on batteries and eBoxes with

Lift Foils lift4 eBox (No Antenna) 2023

The eBox is the brain of the eFoil. It is ready to install into the board’s hatch compartment, so you

Lift Efoil Stand

DETAILS: Hand-crafted wooden stand, designed to make servicing your eFoil more convenient. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. This stand

Slingshot Freestyle V2 Windsurf Foil Board

The Slingshot Freestyle V2 is our dedicated freestyle foil board that comes in 87L and 115L sizes. Short for minimal swing weight and maximum flying fun. New foil tracks and inset bottom handle to make getting on the water easier than ever!