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Naish Hover Inflatable S27 Wing Foil Board

Features Naish's new foil mount system, the smallest inflatable transport bag we've seen, and a lifted nose rocker to prevent nose dives. Now on sale!

Goya Nitro 3 Pro Windsurfing Board 2023

Radical shape for real-world riders in real-world waves. Plane early, easily, and keep planing while slashing up mushy surf and lumpy swells. Don't wait for conditions to get better. The Nitro 3 gets you out there, and gets you smiling!

Fanatic Downwinder Foil Board 2023

Our Downwinder was developed for one purpose only: To paddle on the foil as easy as possible and to surf

Fanatic Sky SUP 2023

The new 2023 Sky SUP is a compact SUP foil board perfect for shredding any size of waves on a

Duotone iRig.One Inflatable Windsurfing Sail 2023

Windsurfing's easiest path to success. Saves energy, saves rigging hassles, and saves loads of frustration. For learning windsurfing's basics in light winds, this is THE rig that guarantees success. Great for families, great for kids!

Cabrinha Macro Air Wing Board

Utilizes Cabrinha's Synthesis Foil Mount that fuses the upper and lower skins of the board together for a more secure, responsive foil attachment. No give. Cabrinha claims the Macro Air to be the highest performing inflatable wing board.

Starboard SUP and Wing Package

This package gets riders winging on a board that does so much more. Go windsurfing, paddle boarding, or enjoy SUP Yoga.  The Starboard Wingboard's wide nose and tail provide ample stability, while its parallel rails deliver glide and speed. A removable center fin gives wingers and windsurfers upwind bite to return to where they started -- no long walks! 

Starboard Freewing Nitro Wing 2022

Reap all the rewards of smaller wing. The Nitro's power, and stiff, responsive feel allows riding a wing .5 meter smaller than rivals. Exceptionally lightweight, starting at under 3.3 pounds!

Slingshot I-Fly V1 Inflatable Wing Foil Board 2023

It packs up tight, is light, and will get you flying. A large carbon foil mount plate makes for a responsive ride. Top and bottom carry handles, foot strap inserts and cushy 3/4-length deck pad, and carry pack are included.