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Slingshot Freestyle V2 Windsurf Foil Board

The Slingshot Freestyle V2 is our dedicated freestyle foil board that comes in 87L and 115L sizes. Short for minimal swing weight and maximum flying fun. New foil tracks and inset bottom handle to make getting on the water easier than ever!

Naish Hover Inflatable S27 Wing Foil Board

Features Naish's new foil mount system, the smallest inflatable transport bag we've seen, and a lifted nose rocker to prevent nose dives. Now on sale!

NSI Minimalist Wing Foiling Harness 2022

New and improved design for 2022! Quality material & craftsmanship exclusively MADE IN HOOD RIVER, OREGON USA Introduced in 2021,

Naish Wing Surfer MK4

The "Wing Surfer" model that started it all, now in its fourth generation. A great blend of power, wind range, insane top speed, and unmatched jumping ability.

Cabrinha Macro Wing Foiling Board

Big on the water. Small in the air. The Macro delivers float and stability for takeoff, and a small board feel once riding high.

2022 Cabrinha Code Wing Foil Board

Lightweight and bomber, with a long runway for progression. The Code blends friendly riding for Day 1, with limitless room to grow.

Duotone Idol LTD Windsurf Sail 2022

The most lightweight sail we carry at Big Winds, thanks to high-tech Ultra Film, which is 50% lighter than previous sail cloths. Technically a "Freestyle" sail, but all level riders benefit from the Idol's weight savings, and easy handling. Great for windsurf foiling too!

Starboard iGo Zen Inflatable SUP Board Package (with Paddle)

Starboard's award-winning inflatable package with incredible savings! 100% welded construction, 2 year warranty, and includes a 3-piece paddle. A revelation to pick up, hop aboard, and ride ride ride. Incredible value.

S26 Naish Galaxy Windsurf Board

Simplify your light-wind life. Go windsurfing or go windsurf foiling. The Galaxy excels with a fin or foil.