What Airport Would My Board Ship To?

What “Nearby Major Airport” Will My Board Ship To?

Not sure which airport would be used to ship your board?

Why ship via air cargo?

Less stress, less hassle, less waiting.

What Airport Would My Board Ship To?

Major Airports We Ship Boards To

This link to Alaska Airlines’ major airports is a starting point. If no nearby option exists with Alaska,  contact us or call 541 386 6086. We’ll work with our other air cargo providers to get you your board!

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What Does Shipping “Air Cargo” Mean?

Shipping “Air Cargo” for us means your board is sent on a passenger airline. The board is mummified in bubble wrap and cardboard, and slipped into a protective cardboard box. Often mummification is a board’s factory wrap, but we may wrap it personally.


Why Ship Boards Via Air Cargo?

Faster, better, cheaper. Compared to traditional shipping methods, a board’s journey involves less handling, processing time, and expense. Typically, boards shipped via air cargo can be picked up at an airport freight facility the day after they ship.

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When Would My Board Ship Out?

We make our air cargo runs to the Portland International Airport every Thursday or Friday, depending on our delivery demands. Our drop offs involve air cargo shipments departing that day, or the next morning.

What Airport Would My Board Ship To?

How Will I Know if My Board Has Shipped?

We’ll notify you of your board’s departure with an email as shown above. The notification includes a tracking link with the board’s pick up location. Keep this info handy, you’ll need it to collect your board.


How Does Pickup Work?

The airport freight facility will notify you via email (or phone) that your board is ready for pickup. You’ll need a valid government ID, and the airway bill number for pickup. Please pick up your board within a week of its arrival.


Contact us or call 541 386 6086. We’re as excited to unbox a new board as you are.

Helping make that happen is what we do best.

Thanks for supporting our employee owned shop!

What Airport Would My Board Ship To?