In the video above Sam discusses his top tips for getting onto foil quickly! His keys to success all revolve around keeping proper flow over the wing and the foil. When there is proper flow over the wing there is a high pressure side and low pressure side this creates “lift” or in the case of the wing “power” (Pictured in the diagram to the left).

Keeping the flow over the wing is VERY important for getting going when Wing Foiling. When you loose this flow it is called stall. Stalling either the wing or foil is what you want to avoid!

Sam's top tips for getting up onto foil | Wing Foiling
Sam's top tips for getting up onto foil | Wing Foiling

How to keep proper flow?

Its all about understanding the wind and where it is coming from and how to trim your wing in relation to your angle of sail. The two images above represent the wing. In the topmost image the wing is properly trimmed in relation to the wind. In that case the wind is hitting the “leading edge” of the wing first running over and under the wing appropriately.

In the bottom most image it depict stall. The wing is over trimmed which is very common and easy to do with a wing. When this happens the wing is not being optimized to its full potential. Check out the video above for all of the top tips!