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Slingshot SlingWing V3 Wing


Reach for a smaller wing with no consequences. The Slingwing V3 offers more power per size than rivals, and excellent control. Lightweight and built tough!

Kalama E3 Foil Downwind Board

ETA March 2023. These specialized downwinding boards have been immensely popular. Their long, narrow shapes accelerate up onto wind swell with ease. They're exceptionally lightweight, and well built.

Duotone Add-On iRig Drift Stopper

The perfect add-on for WindSUPs to prevent riders from drifting downwind when windsurfing. 99% of all WindSUP’s, and the majority of modern

Goya Guru X Pro Windsurfing Sail 2021

At Big Winds, the Guru is our "go to" for unrivaled high-wind control. Its power is centered, trustable, and controllable through big gusts. A favorite among lightweights, and a favorite for all Gorge riders.

Slingshot I-Fly V1 Inflatable Wing Foil Board 2023

It packs up tight, is light, and will get you flying. A large carbon foil mount plate makes for a responsive ride. Top and bottom carry handles, foot strap inserts and cushy 3/4-length deck pad, and carry pack are included.

Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board 2022

A Big Wind's favorite. Stability meets agility. Compact shape that delivers balance on the water, and superb maneuverability above it!

Cloud IX FS (Forward Swept) 1780 Front Wing

The Cloud IX Forward Swept 1780 wing is so new we don't have a product photo for it just yet. But it's the one TJ is raving about for its low-speed rising, and impressive maneuverability. For real world riders, and conditions, it's a game changer for downwind SUP foiling.

Naish Hover Inflatable S27 Wing Foil Board

Features Naish's new foil mount system, the smallest inflatable transport bag we've seen, and a lifted nose rocker to prevent nose dives. Now on sale!

Goya Nitro 3 Pro Windsurfing Board 2023

Radical shape for real-world riders in real-world waves. Plane early, easily, and keep planing while slashing up mushy surf and lumpy swells. Don't wait for conditions to get better. The Goya Nitro 3 Pro gets you out there, and gets you smiling!