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Naish’s 2017 Torque Below the Bar control system claims to make life simple. TJ offers his take in this video straight from the water. Full review below.

What I Liked … “Vamo

Where to begin. The new Torque Loop is easy to release and reload. The below the bar swivel made for effortless untangling of the center lines. The carbon bar feels exceptionally lightweight, and the area above the bar has no bulky swivel pulley to keep center lines free of twists. Another plus: The entire control panel is conveniently close to the rider — especially nice for those with short arms. I also like that the bar offers a width adjustment, making it a one-bar-solution for all kite sizes. I recommend the 18” width for kites up to 7 meters, 20” widths for larger kites. And finally, the center hole in the bar has been upgraded with plastic inserts to reduce wear and tear on the trim line — welcome news to thousands of Naish riders accustomed to replacing trim lines regularly.

What I Didn’t Like …

Nothing major. It was slightly tricky to get the leverage to pull on the trim line, and – when depowered – it dangles close to the body, which was a minor nuisance. The stock leash felt on the long side for those who rarely unhook. Naish’s short leash is the easy fix. The bar adjustment cannot be performed on the fly. Not fatal, though North and Cabrinha bar systems offer this.

The Naish Bar Best Suits …

Naish loyalists, smaller stature riders, and anyone looking for an uncomplicated one-bar-solution for their kite quiver.

TJ Gulizia has managed the Big Winds’ kite department for seven years. Before that, he taught thousands of people to kiteboard in both South Padre Island and Baja. Find your Naish Torque Bar Below the Bar system here.