Cabrinha’s new 2019 Moto Kite has an unlikely fan: Jason Watts. The longtime Drifter loyalist and standout strapless kiter shares why he switched to the Moto, and lets his riding show why. He also compares the Moto to its Cabrinha siblings, the Drifter and Switchblade.

Jason’s Take (video transcription)

Jason here and I’m going to talk to you today about the 2019 Cabrinha Moto. It’s a new kite to the Cabrinha lineup. I’ve got the Moto XO in front of me – the feminine color way – and I’m going to tell you what I love about this kite. 
I’ve been using the Switchblade and the Drifter for many many years. This year I’ve been using the Moto exclusively. I’m going to explain to you why I love this kite and why it checks all the right boxes that I want out of a kite for what I like to do and what most people like to do kiteboarding.


I love the Cabrinha Switchblade for upwind ability, for its big boosting ability, wind range and high-performance free riding. And I love the Drifter because I’m always on a surfboard strapless and love the Drifter for wave kiting, forgiveness and easy relaunch.


So all those are my favorite things about those two kites. I’ve always wished they could be melded into one kite. And for 2019 Cabrinha’s gone ahead and done that with the Moto. Great for strapless jumping. Great for wave riding – especially more onshore conditions. It’s really maneuverable and moderate bar pressure like the Drifter and very forgiving in the hands.


Again, with a onshore current, or just because I want to get back to the lineup and back to the next wave. So that’s what I love about the Cabrinha Moto for my style of riding with a surfboard strapless both for freestyle and wave riding. The Moto really checks all the boxes I’m looking for.


Also for riders who are doing multiple disciplines of riding – particularly free-ride twin tip and foiling – the Moto does everything you’d want for those. Again, some of the best attributes of the Switchblade – great for twin tip riding, going upwind, boosting ability – you get a lot of that with the Moto.


And then you also get a lot of the ease of use, easy relaunch, light/moderate bar pressure and forgiveness of the kite with the drift that it has – great for the beginner/intermediate riders.


Wrapping up: The Moto is an awesome kite for 2019 for most people. They are available right here at Big Winds. Give us a call! – Jason Watts, Big Winds’ Co-Owner