The North Rebel has a cult-like following, and has been one of Big Winds’ best sellers. Matt Morrow puts the 2016 model to the test.

Matt’s Scorecard: Power 10, Range 10, Turning Speed 9, Drift 7, Hang Time 10, Relaunch 9, Looping 8, Overall Impression 9

Bar Pressure Rating: >moderate-heavy

What I Liked: Amazing stability and incredible range. The 5th line means very little bar movement which translates to a ton of depower and power in comparison to a four line kite. Really fun to jump, rips upwind like a rocket, great bar feedback. I also dig the dump valve on the wing tip for quick deflation.

What I Didn’t Like: The Rebel is so efficient it flew very close to the edge of the wind window, which is great for upwind speed, but I found this makes it easier to “over fly” when the kite is directly overhead.

I WOULD Own This Kite Because I love the quality of North kites. Their build is one of the best in the industry, and makes their kites a great value.

The North Rebel Best Suits: Freeriders looking for a high performance kite that rockets upwinds, blasts off the water and offers incredible hang time while being incredibly safe, stable and easy to use.

The 2016 North Rebel is available in 5-16 meter sizes, starting at $1,089. Demo it at the Big Winds Demo Center, located in the Columbia River Gorge.

Matt Morrow is a true waterman, and a worldly one. He has lived, surfed, windsurfed, kite surfed and paddled in Australia, Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, Mexico, the DR and exotic Ontario.

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