The 2016 Naish Pivot boasts flat water and wave performance for virtually any rider. So we handed it staffer Jason Watts, Big Winds’ most seasoned kite expert. Did the Pivot deliver?


Jason’s Scorecard: Power 9, Range 10, Turning Speed 9, Drift 8, Hang Time 9, Relaunch 9, Looping 8, Overall Impression 9

Bar Pressure Rating: Light


What I Liked: Great all around performer! It turned fast as the name implies, had great low-end power, and it handled smooth when the wind came up. It drifted better than any free-ride kite I know of, and rivaled some wave kites in drift ability.


What I Didn’t Like: It took me a little while to dial in the light bar pressure. It’s not a good kite for unhooking. And while it looped well on the water, it’s not a kite I’d choose for freestyle loop tricks.


The Naish Pivot Best Suits: Inland kiters who occasionally takes trips to the coast. It’s one of very few kites I know of that does both flat water and waves well. It lives up to its claims. It’s that versatile!


The 2016 Naish Pivot is available in 5-14 meter sizes, starting at $1,000. Demo it at the Big Winds Demo Center, located in the Columbia River Gorge.


Jason Watts hails from Beaverton, Oregon, and weighs 190 pounds. He has kited in waves off Maui, Chile, and New Zealand. When he’s not chasing the surf, he’s riding his snowboard or mountain bike, or helping kiters choose their first directional board.


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