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Starboard 2-n-1 R+SDM Extension

DETAILS   With the adapter collar, you get an SDM extension. Remove the adapter collar and you have an RDM

Duotone Power XT 2.0 Windsurfing Mast Extension 2021

Our most popular extension in 2021, with a more attractive price tag than its 2022 successor.

Chinook Windsurfing Skinny Carbon Mast Extension

Dramatic weight savings for RDM mast users. Featuring the Power Haul 6:1 pulley and cleat assembly, and an easy to adjust adjustment collar. Available in US Base and Euro Pin constructions.

Chinook Windsurfing Aluminum Mast Extension SDM

A mainstay of the Big Winds rental and school fleets, with outstanding durability. Also utilizes an easy-to-use Power Haul cleat and pulley system with 6:1 purchase, and a unique collar pin that adjusts with one hand.