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Goya Nitro 3 Pro Thruster Windsurf Board 2024/25


Nitro 3 Pro

Compact Thruster

A super short fun board for mushy waves. Or in other words, you will never again wait for conditions to get better.


Goya Custom Quad 8 Pro Carbon Windsurf Board 2024/25


Custom Quad 8

Pro Carbon.

Surfwave Quad

Fast and powerful surfing, reduced weight, increased waterflow, augmented curve, generation 8 is a shorter and turnier board with equally high velocity.

Goya Custom Thruster 4 Pro Carbon Windsurf Board 2024/25


Custom Thruster 4

Pro Carbon.

Surfwave Thruster

Thruster performance, exponentially enhanced. More speed, stability and waft. Much more range. Refined low-end speed characteristics.

Goya Nitro 3 Pro Windsurfing Board 2024

Radical shape for real-world riders. Plane early, easily, and keep planing while slashing up mushy surf and lumpy swells. Don't wait for conditions to get better. The Goya Nitro 3 Pro gets you out there, and gets you smiling! How do we ship boards?

Goya One 12 Carbon Windsurf Board 2024/25


One 12


Freewave Thruster

The best of all worlds, fusing the best traits of each of our new boards into one. Explosive speed, range, and ultimate comfort. You and the One.

Goya Air Pro Freestyle Windsurf Board 2024/25


Air Pro

Freestyle Single

Ready for big air. All new shapes.

Goya Bolt 4 Carbon Windsurf Board 2024/25


Bolt 4 Carbon


The new Bolt 4 Carbon, is our fastest ever Freerace board, and we are excited about its ultimate forward drive paired with empowering open ocean comfort. Its 4th generation puts it all together under your feet, ready out of the box, racing performance to be experienced by everyone.

Goya Airbolt Carbon Windsurf Foil Board 2024/25


Airbolt Carbon

Wind/Wing Foilboard

One board for all foil destinations, Wind, Wing and Sup. The 2022/23 Airbolt is the ultimate compact and easy foil board that seamlessly crosses over between the disciplines. What we love most about foiling is all the places we now can have epic sessions at.

Goya Airbolt Carbon Wind/Wing Foilboard 2023

The Goya Airbolt is 3-n-1 fun! Go wing foiling, windsurf foiling, and even SUP foiling. A large deck pad, multiple foot strap options, and long foil mount tracks make this our most versatile foil board. Also, receive a free MFC board bag on our last 90 and 105 liter models! How do we ship boards?