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Dakine Supremo Footstrap

DESCRIPTION Injection molded urethane for superior comfort Rolled inside edge eliminates pressure points Pre-formed arch prevents collapsing 7mm Neoprene padding

Duotone Power XT 2.0 Windsurfing Mast Extension

FEATURES Minimize rigging time. Maximize your sail’s range. It’s hard to understate the advantages of Duotone’s Power XT 2.0 windsurfing

Chinook 5/32 (4mm) Downhaul Line”

DESCRIPTION This is the standard-sized 5/32″ (4mm) Chinook polyester line, used in all aluminum Chinook extensions and booms. Accept no

Chinook Deluxe Windsurfing Uphaul

DESCRIPTION The Chinook Sailing Deluxe UpHaul Line is lightweight and strong utilizing a combination of webbing and bungees. Lightweight and

Dakine Classic Reactive Lines

8-Plait pre-stretched FSE Robline rope On the fly adjustment system High-density polyurethane tubing Corrosion resistant metal buckle Non-slip boom pads

Chinook Quick Harness Lines

Mono point design, simple, durable harness lines. Can be put on boom without removing the tail-piece. Designed with no swing,

Chinook Tendon 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS The Chinook Tendon 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Base blends efficiency and durability. The tendon provides a positive, direct transfer or

Chinook Fixed Harness Lines

Like all Chinook products, you can count on these new lines to be tough. Comes with two lines, available in