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2021 Goya Bounce Pro Windsurfing Sail

DETAILS FREESTYLE 4 BATTEN Massive lift and ease of rotation drive progressive freestyle maneuvers. And they also drive the Bounce

2021 Goya Fringe Pro Windsurfing Sail

DETAILS SURFWAVE 3 BATTEN Pure surf wave, and so very much more. The Fringe Pro is the most light-weight, smooth

2021 Goya Fringe X Pro Windsurfing Sail

DETAILS SURFWAVE 3 BATTEN The Fringe X Pro has the same quality window film, with the addition of ultra-strong Spectra

2020 Naish Lift Freerace Windsurfing Sail

DESCRIPTION All-around/No-cam Freeride It’s ALL new, baby! The Lift Freerace is an entirely new category of sail design that combines a

2021 Sailworks Flyer and Flyer-FR Windsurfing Foil Sails

FLYER DESCRIPTION The Flyer is optimized for foiling with low rig-tension, a narrow luff sleeve, easy rotating twin cams and