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Chinook Base 2-Bolt Proflex US

Made for windsurf foiling only, Chinook’s new Proflex base utilizes a mechanical joint that makes attaching and separating your sail from the board easy. No more turning the board on its side to remove your sail. Saves time and hassle.

Chinook Base 1-Bolt Proflex US

Designed specifically for windsurf foiling, the Proflex base makes sail attachment and separation easy. No more turning the board on its side to attach your sail.

Goya 80% Carbon Pro RDM Windsurf Mast

Blends performance and value. Lighter than Goya's 90% carbon mast, and less expensive! Free shipping in contiguous U.S. for sizes 430 cm and shorter.

Goya Ultra Pro RDM Windsurfing Mast

Goya's Gucci mast. The lightest they offer. Plane sooner, fly higher, sail longer, and expand your sail's wind range dramatically. Sizes 430 and shorter ship free in contiguous U.S.!

Chinook Tug Cleat Handle

Easy to use, two handed cast aluminum design won’t break in your hand, and saves your back.   Keeps your

Sailworks Flightstick 100% Carbon RDM Windsurf Foiling Mast

The first and only "windsurf foiling" specific mast we carry. The ultimate in lightweight, high reflex response foiling masts. Not warrantied for wave use. Made in Italy.

Naish RDM 60 Windsurfing Mast

Naish's lightweight, durable, performance mast that blends excellent handling with great value.

Naish RDM 90 Windsurfing Mast

Naish's spare-no-expense, ultimate mast. Lightweight, high carbon content, and includes a wave warranty.

Duotone iBase 2.0 Plate Only Windsurfing Base

DETAILS This plate is the bottom half of the Duotone iBase 2.0. It’s often purchased as a backup, or for