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NSI Minimalist Wing Foiling Harness 2022

Original price was: $167.95.Current price is: $119.00.
New and improved design for 2022! Quality material & craftsmanship exclusively MADE IN HOOD RIVER, OREGON USA Introduced in 2021,

Goya Fringe X 2023 Windsurfing Sail

A rare blend of extraordinary weight savings, power, and bomber build. A Big Winds' favorite for windsurfing and windsurf foiling!

Goya Mark 2 Pro Windsurfing Sail 2021

Arguably our best deal at Big Winds. A "race" sail that doesn't requiring racing skills, nor a "rig big" mindset. Exceptionally fast, no matter the rider. Great planing power too, with a kicker: The Mark 2 sail receives praise from our windsurf foilers. Sizes 6.6 and smaller ship free in mainland U.S.

Slingshot Freestyle V2 Windsurf Foil Board

Original price was: $2,467.77.Current price is: $1,150.00.
Dedicated freestyle foil board that's short for minimal swing weight and maximum flying fun. New foil tracks and inset bottom handle to make getting on the water easier than ever! How do we ship boards?

Naish S27 Triad Kiteboarding Kite

TRIAD “The Triad is the all-purpose kite in the Naish lineup that is geared to be super reliable and user-friendly

Cabrinha Macro Air Wing Board

Utilizes Cabrinha's Synthesis Foil Mount that fuses the upper and lower skins of the board together for a more secure, responsive foil attachment. No give. Cabrinha claims the Macro Air to be the highest performing inflatable wing board.

Ion Jade Windsurf Harness 2022

Original price was: $279.99.Current price is: $195.99.
The Jade is the perfect harness for every windsurfer who’s looking for flexibility combined with good back support. With a

Goya Mark B Windsurfing Sail 2023

Speed without hassle. Win drag races and be the first to the water. Easy to rig, ride, and rip! Sizes 6.6 and smaller ship free in mainland U.S.!