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Duotone iBase 2.0 Plate 2022

To be used with Duotone's iTendon. The iBase can live on your board. No more screwing on and off a base before and after a session. Super handy, lightweight, and simple to operate.

Duotone iBase 2.0 + iTendon 2022

The lowest and lightest mast base system with central screw including release option

Duotone Uni.XT Extension 2022

The most technically advanced and lightweight standard extension in the world, with extra attention given to rope alignment pulleys that simplify downhauling, and offer loads of leverage.

Duotone Power.XT 2.0 SLS 2022

The most lightweight ratchet extension of all time! Rig quick, tune your downhaul setting while on the water, and save your back! No rig tool needed. Click. Click. Click.

Duotone Power.XT 2.0 2022 Windsurfing Ratchet Extension

Our best selling extension, with no close rivals. Reduce friction between you and your water time. Rig quickly, and tune easily on the water. Click. Click. Click.

Duotone iBase 2.0 Plate Only Windsurfing Base

DETAILS This plate is the bottom half of the Duotone iBase 2.0. It’s often purchased as a backup, or for