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Prolimit Philips Head #3 Screwdriver

Heavy duty Philips head size 3 screwdriver to mount your windsurf pb/tuttlbox fins, tighten your kite board bindings, fasten your twin tips fins and more.Probably your most valuable tool you will ever need.

Starboard iGO Deluxe Lite Packages 2024/2025

Package includes:  Starboard Tufskin V Adjustable Paddle Re-Cover Bag SUP Pump Lightweight Leash  

Freewing Air Team Foil Wing 2024

The Freewing AIR Team features new, innovative materials infused with cutting-edge designs to offer wingfoilers and wingsurfers a no-compromise, high-performance wing.

Duotone Short Safety Kite Leash (SS06-SS23)

A very handy spare in case a beach goblin acquired yours or maybe it was misplaced?